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by Skyzoo & Pete Rock

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Glorious 04:18
Glorious, like when the same one in the coupe was in front of the store with us, or when the same one on the loopʼs who you was applauding when you was looping record and now you and dude in accordance and, according to the lo and behold, who wouldʼve thought that itʼs all, haikuʼs but all the shooters supporting it, or, itʼs like knowing the lawyer going to court with us get his work from the son of the judge and he be on tour with us, or, itʼs knowing that if you down to lift up the floor with us, then you donʼt gotta spend on this Henny to come and pour with us, the theme to the chorus, as sweet as how you thought it, following Jeeps thatʼs followed by Dʼs in a Taurus, shout to my block and all the fiends who be across it, and the new Goldilocks bitches screaming over porridge, you couldnʼt take the Brooklyn outta me if you were offered, burnt these blocks, shit you can keep it if you want it, if tomorrow should get up away from me before the morning, my tombʼll read “he did it from the Ps the coffin”, right, untucking what no one could ever fuck with, but knowing that the way it was folded is how it snuck in, Brother Mouzone bow tie, know the way I float mine, you know Sky, know Iʼm Lo fi meets Sosa, A to Z Iʼm faithfully the one that they quote by, pay to leave I may indeed pen this in cocoa, pay to leave, may indeed pen this in cocoa?, the way it weaves you may just need to bring the rope by, told West that one of us will be multi before we both die, Luxury was intuition close eyed, Iʼm still Casper the friendly for who need a loan, most do, bank account pretty as Rashida Jones, know that I still be seeing layups when I see a throne, but nothing ‘bout me is Hype Beast so I be alone, moved outta the Stuy and bought yard space, but still dressed like Iʼm outside ducking a car chase, still a black fist in the air quick as a heart rate, Nikes over Yeezys, Kaepernick over Kanye, say that Iʼm half Tre Styles, half 8 Mile, doctors said I couldnʼt make Miles until I made Miles, glorious, like Pete on an SP calling this a ‘95 dream come true with no doors on it, right?, yea, Iʼm that side of the wave off that side of the page if you act outta your place, keep it glorious
Verse 1: It never meant more than what it do now, same one who grew in the store, until he grew out, came to get every jewel that I saw while giving a few out, aim like I do this before, act like you knew now, word to a jar of Nu-Nile, overtop where it loop round, like, loop, wave, overtop, Nu-Nile, meaning Iʼm up overtop of your crown, when being under was the obviously route, I played detour, caught a lane like nobody now and nobody before, dissertated the corners they planted a Kiʼs on, the key being thereʼs more than just what they lead on, in a pair of sneakers that Tinker had drew the street on, cement 3s, I impede the entires of whoever had a way, you love it like Haddaway, from where itʼs chopped soap stuck to where the platter lay, jumping out a crock pot, look at what the batter made, right Hook: For the love of truck jewels, Swinging from you and yours When the truck move, True story how it come through, True story how it come through, Verse 2: Vision be everything until itʼs outta your reach, I lift up and let it ring as far as rocking a beat, and when everybody be as common as common can be, Iʼm bout as Common as Lonnie Rashid, keep it how it should be, outside where the obvious be, in the pocket tryna pocket the Reʼ, they up different, I rap like the cutʼs missing from in it, so the line stretch from the front of your arm to the back of the projects, right, spraying rounds at your goat until your view get bigger, same rounds that was loaded in the Huey picture, made rounds off of going bout a new agenda, name found by the goats, thatʼs what shooting get ya, do the rhythm like Iʼm talking with a llama, sparring outta Sparta, the heart of Eric Garner, truck jewel aura I get caught up in the commas, penning for your fave, have him talking how you wanna, over truck jewels
Verse 1: Pardon me, my pardon is mausoleum flow, bury me in one by the garden and floor seat me though, seated at a table where no one wanted to see me though, but couldnʼt blot it as far as how this graffiti go, pen wise tell ‘em Iʼm more Skeme, so know it took up two whole cars if you saw me, it all be, hoodie season in 4 door jeeps, and Darryl Morey at the Nike campus, more 3s, all me, same vibe since I was 14, ainʼt much change and that explains who applaud me, applause means, heavy is the head where the crown and where the cross be, got it to a T off the ground like itʼs a cross street, fly kid off of a hybrid support team and super heroes that get their powers from where the port be, same rule apply with a line and what the cost be, reason being for being what all the talk be Hook: Iʼm just here to carry the tradition that I been on, Heavy is the crown but, love the way fit on, Did it for the town from the moment that I been on, Did it for the town from the moment that I been on, Carry the tradition Verse 2: My aura, been the same as you thought like who you think?, from an era where you turn up the nerve to loot a brinks, back when it was word for word with Cuban Linx and I became Miles Davis meets whoever styled Rae and, I decoded how they gave it, you know it from the moment that you play it, Iʼm an OG Snow Beach statement, from knowing what be waiting, eyes all on the dough, Freemason, and everyone you know free basing, live outta the basement so this is all free throws, your fam couldnʼt get off the ground, they all Rio, I kick it and toss reloads, Brooklyn New York ego, I canʼt pass the Lo store, Iʼm Porfido you know me tho, all on my bodega shit, Iʼm Puff and Nas on the awning while Hype taping it, know the way I aim at it, whether at the camera or whatever in the way of it, youʼll never find a stray in it
Homegrown 03:24
Iʼm Americaʼs worst nightmare, Iʼm young black and too intelligent to be scared, Iʼm from back when you knew everyone you was near, and your circle been around and could never produce a square, yeah, Iʼm from there and you know how living there goes, ribbons in the air and love whipped into Oʼs, my man be sending prayers up for the give and the go, he said he pull a chair up and blow a kiss to the stove, mwah!, all love like splitting this hero with you, or when they toss slugs to see if thereʼs hero in you, Iʼm here to talk us and see if itʼs beneficial, and itʼs really all love if you bringing some Henny with you, right?, ‘cause God bless what the Hennessy made clearer, sitting in your chest while you sit out the day with us, the feeling that you got when you see what some cake get us, or the feeling of you watching them tear down the Slave Theater, right?, they place you to get yours then put you outta place, knowing you was just taught to keep a hideaway, like you don't come from the store until you got a plate, or flowers over your thoughts like Billie Holiday, either or, or, until we up and gone, theyʼre calling 311 but they was color drawn, I watched spots get turned to croissant sellers, like how I watched pots get turned into card pressers, tried to make it all make sense like more adderall, where every note carries over like if I add a horn, caught a way up with visions of 40 acres so know when I talk these I add a Lee like Cannonball, Adderley?, Cannonball?, never mind, thatʼll make sense by tomorrow if you should get the time, no ticking like you spent 10 long on the ticket, I kick it like a Carmichael with it, and you stoked, I did it for the power of a lobby, swear to keep it low unless Iʼm spotted like Iʼm Kwame, I still never had to go and find a P.O., but my brother does, commissary honey buns, Tryna keep $250 with him on the up and up, knowing itʼs still Bill and Russell when it come to us, and what it was turns into what it be now, all that youʼve become was given from what you be ‘round, he said “Sky I was just looking to get a lead out, tryna get this run ‘fore I kick it like it was 3 downs”, “I said Iʼm tryna stop the Get Outʼs from playing keep out”, both of us was talking ‘bout how we can put a knee down, his for the score, and mine for the cause, live for it all, aligned from the door, word to the new Jim Crow and how parole go, and word to all of the above seeming homegrown Hook: Homegrown for the sake of it, uh, Know to keep it homegrown For the sake of it, uh, Do it for home and all the shit that you make of it Do it for home before they go get to taking it Homegrown
Verse 1: This one goes out to every dollar I saw and wanted to somersault, you cartwheel all winter and bet the summerʼs yours, from where the dialect is the duffle bag that youʼre gunning for, and if they handing you one then they scratched the numbers off, Iʼm off a different page but Iʼm still the way that you love me for, love it or leave it I come from seeing that no one or nothing breathing can grow up to come between what you done for yours, unless you add like 100 more, live and learn, 14 hearing that all we need is to get a curb, shorties used to turn down the Henny, itʼd make their titties burn, crown draped over my dome before I could get a word, ever since they drove down my block carrying Biggieʼs urn, From up the block, ‘cross the street by the store, when my man was put in position, told him peep out the door, one close, another open, until they cut the tokens, my flow the same reason they cut the dope and, you tell them itʼs all good Hook: Itʼs all good Itʼs all good to my peoples on the curb Thatʼs getting to it but never said a word, you heard?, Itʼs all good Itʼs all good when the realʼs represented, Forever alive, now how you living? What, Itʼs all good Itʼs all good the way we ran with it though, 98, black champion flow, swear to God Itʼs all good Itʼs all good word to grey bottom fitteds And know if you rocking then you riding with us, for real, all good Verse 2: And itʼs still to my man Stack Bundles God bless your life, and my man Chinx also, word to the way the law rolled on me when I was leaving your service and they had all those tools drawn like “yo donʼt move par!, you look like you move raw, with all of them jewels on”, I look like I ghost write, whatʼs all of this mood for?, Iʼm due for, heading back to my old block, where that new storeʼs really the same old store my mans used to move for, Iʼm back like 23 winning one and then two more, BMI thru the shoe store, fuck is the brand new for?, Don C legacy Jʼs, blue and orange joints, you say Iʼm set in my ways, you probably got a point My son uses the potty so heʼs older now, Fred Hampton, Huey Newton Iʼma mold him now, but still teddy bear sweaters, bet he Lo to the ground, the hybrid of everything that comes with owning a crown, itʼs all good Verse 3: Due to me being who I visualized, but still got friends of mine thatʼll have you spending five, I been incentivized to come remind yʼall thatʼs itʼs live or die, in all Purple denim like Prince alive, Raspberry Beret, raspberry corvette, stashed right by the steps is how we was left til we was left, yo you ever been surrounded by police, and overhear them whispering to plan where to throw a ki?, itʼs all good
Ten Days 03:18
Verse 1: Cherry Beamers, 35s on the windows, or we can stash these and tag team on the Benzoʼs, prayers up to the etiquette baby, never forget tho, pull up in front of Willie Burgers and let a flick roll, 38 in my shearling, word to my zip code, dealer man turned my back seat into Nintendo, you know I whip around for the broads right off the get go, fucking up shorty finger waves, Iʼll get em fixed though, all of this could be ours off of packaging innuendo, promise I can put all my loyalty in a rental, the game never did me wrong, it wouldnʼt start now, lights never got more brighter than for the dark child, picture being parked by the roof top in new drops, Gucci to the tube socks, solely off a shoe box, canʼt nobody stop us so if I got then you got, if Iʼm hot then you hot, now peep what we can do right Hook: Ten days, ten days, I mean ten baby, They canʼt keep up with us now Cause they couldnʼt then baby, Ten days, ten days, I mean ten baby, All this dough we can make, Donʼt have to end baby Ten days, count it down, count it down baby, Ten days, follow how I come around baby, Ten days, count it down, count it down baby, Ten days, follow how I come around baby Verse 2: All I know is spending 20 large with Dap, we pull up on forty deuce and they thought that we rapped, the disrespect, ‘cause rappers ainʼt paid like this, I try to tell ‘em they should make that switch, theyʼre hard headed, nevertheless, the M.O is making sure that everything stretch and know that the city wonʼt ever forget, in the ‘jects with 80 by the curb in a pair of Stans, I pull in and out this bitch and youʼll swear you can hear a band, theme music for super heroes in Louis capes, only thing better than what you make is who you make, and bet I make, stars outta the hood like Iʼm supplying ‘em, a St. Lazarus piece can be so inspiring, bet you we can have the city singing along, living proof that every king was a pawn, know how the game go, money talk, reputation talk louder, both in a choke holder, never made ‘em prouder, Gimmie ten days
Richie 03:54
Hook: Word to what they showed us, Word to a duffle bag, Word to how you know us Word to the love for that Verse 1: Word to defying the odds, and colliding with dollar signs or with colliding with God, for the crowd gathering ‘round to see how this evolves and being able to say “donʼt nobody got it like yʼall!” got it now and got it forever if timing is yʼalls, may it lock like straight drop off how you can bond, the bond thicker than what they sit up on top of the charge they toss if you come across with a rock of the bomb, we talking thicker than that, we talking divvying that accordingly until the corner be where they christen you at, we talking knowing this thing of yʼalls got a vision attached, sitting in an unmarked car taking pics in the back, vision gets expensive but ainʼt shit that a trip to the stash couldnʼt cover so if you should love what they pictured you as, let it run til it becomes what you zip in the bag, this could reach 100 a week if thereʼs gift in your gab, talk cheap, unless the talk be, centered on knowing all these bilingual remarks be, flipping into new car keys, keys open doors in Virginia and thatʼs in arms reach, you bring that back to the roof top in a heart beat, Dougie Fresh performances, confetti through all of it, easier to throw it and regrow it when the morning hit, legends never die they just rest long, Dapper Dan vest on, luggage never stepped on Hook: Word to what they showed us, Word to a duffle bag, Word to how you know us Word to the love for that Word to it Verse 2: And then the balance get all in the way, and you relying on your talents is all that remains, this shit is nothing you wouldʼve pictured would walk into frame, you was just given what you was given and taught to relate, so you related like no one ever had done before, such allure, being 24 and could cover Forbes, gun and all, and the same vision attached is still sitting in the back, but now joined by the buildings thatʼs wrapped ‘round the pictures that you would flick like “where the memories at” and it was love, it was love the way the city react, the shit that legends are made of, and mothers be afraid of, it all get assembled in time for your first bake up, all of it resembles just how they wanted to shape us, call it what you choose just know itʼs catered to you and me and him and her all of us off the stoop, and innocence disappears and all of it hit the news and Henny spill on the stairs in thought of what you would do, and the ones who wasnʼt there get taught to think shit is smooth, they put us in front of it, like “do what you want with it”, made inspiration from weighing like “how you loving it”?, tue indeed, do believe it was written before you made a decision to orchestrate in the kitchen, legends never die they just rest long, Dapper Dan vest on, luggage never stepped on
Brooklyn kids get biz and business forever flowing like, get it how you know it like, it all becomes so alike, being what you see til they put the Dʼs in the open right?, it always seems to get brightest under the lowest lights, we was tryna see what they try and keep out the open right?, motivated off being the need a motive type, know the shit thatʼs waiting is giving way, to handing out dinner plates, and camping out, sending strays, the balance of bigger names, my pops name did it all, he said “when a winner falls, donʼt think he ainʼt win at all, just think what that winning costs, and fuck tryna get a draw”, Leroy Campbell shopping, he said it while getting art, grew up where the walls were like a gallery, the park was like a canopy, being under both is what provoke what all the balance be, seeing where the dope can help you go is what emphatically, kept me off the stoop more, truly yours, then I threw my Pennyʼs on, and my block hit a pause, like “Skyler them shits is hard”, then my block hit applause, ‘cause I had the jersey with ‘em, and it had just hit the stores, ‘and my shit was low key, I was just living God, God help us to see what the park dealt us, nothing repeated ever, except when custies ainʼt eating better, theyʼd eat whatever, I was running JV point, getting my three together, wrong time to be seeing better, It seemed to get us, back when Illmatic was jumping up out a Rover, double parked on Waverly, it started to relate to me, drawn like it was made for me, corner store drapery, but my handle was still there faithfully, when son was saying that he hold a Mack 11 and attacking a reverend, it felt God sent so we wasnʼt asking no questions, in front of the park bench where we saw the manic depressives that could make the floors lift when they got a pack of the essence, thinking regardless, if we know that thatʼs whatʼs expected, then we was all in to see whatʼs in back of the dresser, my peoples had older brothers to give them access, I was older brother in my crib, dough in the mattress, still on my Penny shit though, talking through any zip code, corner 3 like a demo, ‘fore the semiʼs would hit though, I had the black away one and I had the USA one, I wore ‘em once a week and it felt like how Nas tape run, Henny was in the freezer, we caught a splash, bitches would beep us and weʼd be like “where these quarters at” to call ‘em back, moms told me “do what you do, but donʼt be rawing that”, I used to try and rip by the stoop but shorties was off of that I can bird box from the stoop to where the corner at, and every hood feels like a loop if you embark from that, went to lunch with Penny and told him ‘bout every part of that, we ordered the same plates and then traded autographs, cause son... Hook: Son, my whole block was in Penny jerseys, I wore mine and it felt like the whole city heard me (Repeat 4x)
Verse 1: One time for the time sticking beside me, wouldnʼt count me out when it counted me in the lobby, where counting will lead you into the fold like origami, it couldʼve overlapped and then chose to au revoir me, Like yo, when you be talking bonjour to a Mazi, it seems to intervene and encores to a homi, like anybody can get it so, nothing donʼt surprise me, ‘cause anybody can get it so, hopefully you got me, Shout to Gates and Greene, in betweenʼs where you find me, and shout to Jamaica Queens, “Margheritaʼs” is a body, easier to spot me, but I ainʼt never mind so, I ainʼt step aside I just speak it in tsunamis, Pay me no never mind, I just stayed in the design until they was tryna trace me or pay me to oblige, whole fist in the air not a shade was a mirage, and true to what you would hear I decorated the garage, Iʼm more Belafonte when it come to the front line, but still dressed in mortgage money, like “what else you wanted from me?”, except when they calling for me, they took in outta towners but couldnʼt take the corner from me, I took it to a five bedroom mini mansion in a cul de sac, prestigious subdivision, I brought my son to that, did it off of inspiring who ainʼt cut from that, says a lot about you if you canʼt fuck with that (24) Hook: One time, One time for the aura thatʼs in the groove, One time for you coming up off the stoop One time, One time for the horns fitting the mood, One time, One time for it all, through and through Verse 2: One time we was being followed by 12, quoting “Ready To Die” so we was probably twelve, boys pulled us over like we had product to sell, a week later my man was popping with crills, He said “if they already assume Iʼm tryna deal, then why not though?”, custies said “arigato”, I had 100 sixteens written ‘bout how my block go, by 16 I needed room so I forgot those, Now fast forward 20 more and where the top goes, is where that sent me, word to who resent me, and word to who be like “your words?, they represent me”, whether bidding or tryna tie up an ending, All coded for whoʼs in the scrimmage, so if you didnʼt get it then you should be lucky that you didnʼt live it, doe or die til the end of that time you thought you wasnʼt given, and all the Patron that you wasnʼt spilling, All that I know, if you here with it, then you recognize, being 12 and seeing bells in a detectiveʼs eyes, Henny still pouring outta me if you step aside, bought a truck that had room to fit the rep inside So do the knowledge, do the math and the science, just because Iʼm relaxed doesnʼt mean that Iʼm compliant, just ‘cause Iʼm in the back doesnʼt mean that I ainʼt eyeing and justʼcause I got class doesnʼt mean that I ainʼt firing
Understandable smooth shit to jump off the stoop with, know I kick in my two cents, itʼs duffles and toothpicks, to give you 16 feels like if a pound flew in, competition Nutso?, letʼs GPS where the roof is, yea, The same flow came out the hallway with me, I put ‘95 on my back like Iʼm DeAndre Bembry, itʼs like Iʼm Illmatic sitting on loop meets Mortal Kombat finishing moves, you seen what the genesis do, And the endings is Jordan-esque or whichever way that the play goes, ‘cause six joints will get you whatever, I came as Thanos, I threw you jewels with an NYCHA flow, blue and orange signs like I was on Dolanʼs payroll, Malcolm X Air Raid Nikes, by the caseload, but still good to fuck with a Becky like John Stamos, taught to know that the rule of thumb was innuendos and to slay the Box but to make love to instrumentals, do the math
All three of them, all being one in the same is all I need from them, word to everyone who remain and all it mean to them, know I stand tall with them you ever saw me with them, Seated in box cars from the A to the Jeep, singing the same song but I got a cadence to me, so when I sing along, know that I made it to be, all that they sing for, and all thatʼs related to me, Know above all, what I come for, is usually a one off, like “only one of yʼall will get out, yo why he brung yʼall?”, and my reply be bottom line, “yo where the front door?”, thatʼll be the way that WE out, and we now Should be in accord when I throw this caveat, the one that wouldʼve cleared every shelf outta Camelot, the one that explains the give and take of who handle rock, and pulled up a chair for all of who couldnʼt stand to watch, Like fuck all the standing by, unless you involved or in the hearts of who canʼt oblige to knowing their hand is tied, talking the same song, hear how they plan to drive, if they got a seat for yʼall, then yo would you stand to ride?, follow me, Same ones who would call corners came out the box with me, nothing else changed except the neighbors on top of me, swear that they ainʼt know how to get it until it got to me, the hallway got all the allure ʼtil you buy property, If yʼall be on the side of me, then you can say the same about me if Iʼm what the topic be, word to how you got to me, grew up with real Huxtables dealing with real Carters, due to what they took but told you to still harbor, And the way that it rides, Iʼm just taking whatʼs mine, but forgive me for tryna steal honor like Killmonger, praise due to the corner stores that Iʼm still part of and for me being able to come home to my real father, All of this was said one way or another, but when itʼs told hand in hand it replaces the stutters, applause for understanding the fate of the runners, because I wouldnʼt go home until I made all my jumpers Pardon me, for seeing all of that with all three eyes while I was drawing a line and shooting off from behind, the rims never had nets but it would all be fine, the crib never saw it all, they was drawing the blinds, Picture all I described, and add a Lex 450 double parked outside with Frank White at the wheel, I took that, put it in back in light of the real, i tʼs all or nothing like if you was tryna write an appeal, moral being, you all got some audacity you top 20 Iʼm half that at least, and thatʼs modest, if weʼre being THAT honest then, canʼt too many follow this, stage left, curtain drawn, Retropolitan


When rumors spread months ago that Skyzoo had begun working on a collaborative project with the iconic Pete Rock it quickly set social media aflame. While details were scant, Mello Music Group is happy to finally reveal the details and officially announce Skyzoo & Pete Rock’s new album, Retropolitan, with Billboard who premiered the lead single It’s All Good.

 It’s All Good finds Skyzoo skating over a beat from Pete’s secret “SP-1200 stash,” and this one in particular was produced in 1994 around the same time as Pete's Illmatic sessions with Nas.

Retropolitan includes 12-tracks, all produced by Pete Rock, with features from Styles P, Benny The Butcher, Conway, Westside Gunn, Elzhi, and Raheem DeVaughn. 

It is more than an album of beats. & rhymes. It’s two generations of legendary native New Yorkers putting it down and pulling no punches. Skyzoo & Pete Rock use this album to create a love letter and a wakeup call to the city, as they have witnessed its culture stripped away layer-by-layer.


released September 20, 2019

Producers: Pete Rock
Vocals: Skyzoo, Pete Rock, Styles P, Raheem DeVaughn, Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher, & Elzhi

Recorded by Lorenzo "Captive Rosado at Cook It Up Studios, NYC and Dan Da Man for DaMan Productions at DaMan Pro Studios, NYC
Additional Recording by Renegade El Rey and Almightyrioo at Stankonia Studios, ATL
Mixed by Jamey Staub for Perimeter Productions at Hi Tor Studio (with thanks to the Audio Alchemist)
Mastered by Dave Kutch at The Mastering Palace
Cover Photography by Kick James
Insert Photography by Sen Floyd
Artwork/Logo Illustration by Emmanuel Everett for Thirty Three Designs
Graphic Design/Layout by Jean Goode


all rights reserved



Skyzoo New York, New York


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